Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dad's Day in Italy

This morning when I opened Facebook I read so many post on my friends' walls dedicated to their fathers. I was nicely impressed, it seems that family is still important in everybody's life.

Dad's day used to be a great celebration when I was a little child, at school they made us prepare a little gift for our dads, I was always thrilled by the moment when my dad, back from work in the evening, would have opened it and said how lovely it was, but I was always secretly producing my personal version of dad's gift to give to him afterwards and enjoy his surprise, that one was the one most appreciated!
Then for a while the celebration was moved to the first of May, celebrating in conjunction with Labour's Day, but I wanted a special day to celebrate my dad! Eventually, it came back on the 19th of March, but time passed and I was not anymore producing a gift at school. I miss that age, because I miss my dad.

Every dad is special but mine, was SO special. I adored him, this photo is probably the second photo I took in my life, he was in the garden of the house in Sicily, near the succulents corner he created that is not anymore there, with Tell, the English setter he really adored. I remember him worrying that the dog was in the shot.

He taught me to think out of the box when a teacher was imposing her point of view, he taught me to speak with people listening to what they have to say, he taught me to love animals, the great passion of his life. He taught me that honesty is the most important thing to pursue in life. He taught me to enjoy the beauty of nature, to appreciate art, to read a lot because we never stop learning.He taught me to love chocolate...
I miss him so much.

Happy Dad's day wherever you are

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