Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rainy days # 2

Even if a bit of sun came out in the last weekend it's still so freezing cold that summer and Italy in general seem so remote

In  my last post I was sharing with you a project I realized during that terrible cold and snowy season. Here it is another one, the bad weather kept me really busy at home!
Gone sailing

It was long time that I really wanted to repaint the bathroom, it started out as a plain white toilet, which looked like an hospital one, plain white, spartan, the only touch of colour was the shower curtain that recalls the mixed blue mosaic floor. Recently I decided to be brave and try a bold colour on two of the walls, not all of them because it's a tiny room and it will look even more tiny with colorful walls. I chose an aviation blue that never turned out to be the same every layer of paint I put. It really annoyed me and I was determined to go back to white and do not bother with it anymore, but white looked so terribly sad...
 5 cm masking tape 
There is a little boat hanging on the bathroom wall, a lovely decoration I bought in an amazing art gallery in Cromer, The Garden House, the striped sail give me the inspiration. Moreover, I'm always been a bit obsessed with stripes, I love them, they remind me the summer, of the colorful beach seats that you can find in Italy.  So I began to figure out a possible stripe solution, not easy to realize, I have to be precise and neat, so a put it off for a while, thinking of different solutions, but none satisfy me.

work in progress

After a lot of thinking, and a lot of drawing I finally fully dedicated myself to it. It only took a day and a half, and the big job is putting the masking tape up, for painting I used a sponge I found in my husband painting kit, I wanted an uneven white since the blue never came out even in the first place.
I love how it looks: so summery, fresh and romantic with the old mirror, my mother in love gave me.

the old mirror

Have you got any decoration ongoing?

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