Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How a city restaurant can become a rural pop-up restaurant

I've known these guys since I first move to Rimini five years ago. I've always love their straight forward approach to their job, which is selling good food. To coin a phrase they always did want it says on the tin, which is not always true among restaurateurs.

It is one of the few places that really follows the 0 Km philosophy (reduction of food miles/kilometers before being served) without charging extra to the customers.

Well, I haven't told you who these aliens are yet... I'm talking about Osteria Harissa.
Once located right in the center of Rimini, in front of the entrance of the Rimini City Museum, as fortune dictates, and due to the rented premises having been sold, they found themselves without a restaurant to host their clients. Marcello, a tenacious guy didn't give up, with Marta, a passionate cook, they create a very simple and easy formula to keep on doing what they like most: cooking and enjoy food and wine with their customers.

Their first appointment as a pop-up catering will be Sunday 9th of October at lunchtime (@13:00) at a friendly organic farm and vineyard Valle delle Lepri in Coriano who produce a consistently very good wine, where my favorite one is Fidelio a very fruity Sangiovese Superiore, with a persistent bouquet.

Unfortunately I won't be there because out of the country but I wish to my friends very good luck for their new adventure!


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