Tuesday, October 18, 2011

World Food Day at Borough Market

Borough Market
What better way of celebrating the World Food Day, which took place last October 16th, than to go food shopping at Borough Market, off the South bank in Central London, as I did with my husband last Saturday. 

First of all, few words about the World Food Day, it has been proclaimed by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) to enhance public awareness about the food problem in the world and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

So then, how did I focus my attention on that special day? "I bought local"!  In fact Borough Market is a place where you can buy all locally sourced foods, as well as some "exotic" Mediterranean foods (more of that later). 

For those (I'm talking to the few Italians) who have never experience Borough Market I suggest to put in your agenda for next visit to London, it reminds me the open air markets in Rome, like Piazza Vittorio, where I used to go with my dad to buy little birds with amazing singing voices, Ponte Milvio, from where my auntie always brought back a tasty loaf of bread that she named "crocodile" just to amuse her nieces and nephews.
I could hear the same loud voices of the stall holders who invite people to buy their products, of the market where I used to go shopping with my mum. 

Last Saturday the market was packed with people, who care for what they eat. Lots of tourists but mainly people buying lunch on the go as well as taking the weekly fresh food shopping.
Vegetables still had a bit of mud on them, they do not look perfectly made as in the supermarket and the display was artistic.
Autumn vegetables and game meat made a well show of themselves among the sourdough bread, a fantastic display at the fish monger and lots of specialities like goose fat to roast your best potatoes (as written on the jar!) 

 Az. Zavoli, Saludecio (RN) Italy - Mora romagnola cured meat 
In the Jubilee Market, among the farmers, there were the Mediterranean traders who sell delicacies such as extravergin olive oil, truffles and, a great discovery, Mora romagnola cured meat made in Rimini (Italy) from Azienda Zavoli located in Saludecio.

In order not to miss such an experience, you can find below the times of the market and how to get there:

The Market is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with Saturday being busiest after 11am.  The sensible shopper gets here between 8am and 10am for the pick of the day. Thursday is usually a relaxed shopping day and our demonstration chef is on hand for ideas, tips and demonstrations in the Jubilee Market.

Parking around Borough is limited, but there are plenty of public transport links:
  • By tube to London Bridge or Borough underground stations
  • By train to London Bridge mainline station
  • By bus to London Bridge, Borough High Street or Southwark Street
  • By foot along the Thames Path on the Southbank or over London Bridge from the City
Enjoy your food shopping!


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